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In our online store, you can find the nendoroid figurines hailing from all your favorite games. Discover our large selection filled to the brim with the characters you know and love, and fill up your collection with nendoroids that feel like old friends from the get-go.

The nendoroid figurines from all your favorite games

Use the sliders and buttons on your left to quickly sort through our vast selection of cute and cool nendoroid figurines and relive the greatest moments from your most cherished games. Choose brands, price range and more and ta-da, you’re ready to find your new favorite nendoroids. The caster from “Fate/EXTRA”, Professor Layton from the “Professor Layton” series, Kratos from “God of War”, Sombra from “Overwatch” and so on. They are all here, and they all come with multiple accessories, face plates and body parts. Find more accessories or anime based nendoroids elsewhere on our website!

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