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Do remember that whenever you’re thinking of buying nendoroids on Nendo Addicts, you get free shipping on your purchase as of €100 spent (as of €150 spent for people living in the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany). You also receive a free mouth mask if you spend €100 or more. We strive to make the ordering of nendoroid dolls based on your favorite game, manga or anime series on Nendo Addicts as pleasant as possible, including a good customer service before and after you bought our nendoroids. For more information on our goals and vision, visit our about us page.

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So take a dive in our offer and discover the nendoroid doll that you can’t resist ordering. As you can see below, we have divided our gigantic selection in different categories. From nendoroid dolls on sale to nendoroids based on the best anime and game series around, finding and ordering them is a piece of cake on Nendo Addicts. We also have lots of Furyu and Banpresto dolls in stock. Do keep us in mind every time you feel like buying nendoroids.

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Are you having some kind of trouble ordering your nendoroid doll of choice? You can’t find the nendoroid dolls from that game series you like so much? You want to know how long it will take the cool anime nendoroids you’ve been ordering to get here? You have some more questions before you want to start buying nendoroids on Nendo Addicts? Let us know by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible! To find out more about our conventions presence, have a look at our conventions page. So scroll down the page and start ordering the nendoroids from your favorite anime, game or manga series to add to your nendoroid dolls collection!

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