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Nendoroid figurines based on anime

In our large offer you’ll find the nendoroid figurines hailing from some of the very best anime series ever made. Discover our webshop and find all the anime-inspired nendoroids you’ll want to instantly add to your collection.

Nendoroid figurines from your favorite anime on offer

One-Punch Man, Hamtaro, Yami Yugi, Son Goku, Eren Yeager, they have all gathered in our offer, waiting to be found by you! Use the slider and buttons on the left side of the page to search quickly and effectively through our large offer until you find those nendoroid figurines based on your all-time favorite anime series that you just can’t wait to own. Set a price range and select the brands you want to search for and you’re on your way! Are you also interested in nendoroids based on your favorite games or western media? You’re in luck, as we also got pages for those. To find out more about our presence and activities at conventions, read our conventions page.

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Get in touch to order specific nendoroids

If you can’t find the nendoroid figurine you were looking for, anime-inspired or otherwise, do let us know by filling in our contact form and we’ll order it from Japan for you. You can reach out to us for other questions in the same way. 

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