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Weiss Schwarz – Azur Lane Royal Navy English Trial Deck


The popular smartphone game “Azur Lane” is proudly appearing in Weiss Schwarz!

Recording characters:
– Amazon
– Icarus
– Illustrious
– Victorious
– Warspite
– Eskimo
– Aurora
– Glasgow
– Javelin
– Centaur
– Dido
– Duke of York
– Newcastle
– Nelson
– Hermione
– York

Special Specification Card:
– [RRR] 16 gorgeous RRR specification cards
– [SP] 4 types of voice actor foil stamped sign cards

Voice actor foil stamped sign card information:
– Sora Amamiya (role of Illustrious)
– Sumire Uesaka (role of Warspite)
– Yamane Nozomi (role of Javelin)
– Ruriko Aoki (role of Daido)

1 out of 50 cards, is a glowing holo card! moreover…! One of the special specification cards will always be included in the deck!

Neo Standard Classification:
– Can be made into decks with cards with numbers starting from “AZL/”.

These cards are English

In stock

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