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Weiss Schwarz – Azur Lane Eagle Union English Trial Deck


The popular smartphone game “Azur Lane” is proudly appearing in Weiss Schwarz!

The gorgeous girls from the popular smartphone game “Azur Lane” join the “Weiss Schwarz” trading-card game lineup! This 50-card trial deck focuses on ships fielded by the Union forces; one out of every 50 cards is a glowing holographic card! You might also find special specification cards — there are 16 RRR cards and four types of cards with stamped signatures of voice actors (Yui Ishikawa/Enterprise, Asuka Ito/San Diego, Minami Takahashi/Baltimore, Maria Naganawa/Laffey)! The deck is scheduled to include Enterprise, Gridley, Craven, South Dakota, Saratoga, San Diego, North Carolina, Hammann, Helena, Benson, Hornet, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Yorktown, Laffey and Long Island. A quick manual, deck manual (both manuals are in Japanese) and a play mat are also included. Order yours today!

These cards are English

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