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Bushiroad – Weiss Schwarz Date a Bullet Surprise Set


  • Each set contains the following:

    ◆ 1x Deck Case
    Size: 100 x 72 x 62mm

    Holds up to:

    • 75x Double-Sleeved Cards
    • 65x Triple-Sleeved Cards

    ※Estimated with with most inner/outer sleeves

    ◆ 1 Pack of 60x Sleeves
    Made specifically for Weiß Schwarz cards!

    • Size: 67 x 92mm
    • Front: Transparent
    • Back: 5C (4C+White)

    ※Can be used in official tournaments

    ◆ 1 Deck Separator
    Size: 69 x 96mm

    ◆ 1x PR Card

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