Myethos – A-z Series Neko Model C


Release on: 31/01/2023.

A new girls and weapon-A-Z:[C].

From illustrator neco’s “A-Z:” series of illustrations comes a new scale figure following [B], [S] and [D], [C]. Her monotone outfit, pastel pink hair and gigantic weapon that stands in contrast to her delicate physique have all been captured in figure form. Both the soft curves of her clothes and body and the sharp edges of her cold steel weapon have been created in stunning detail. The various emblems and barcode on her outfit have been carefully printed as well. The variety of contrasting textures makes for an eye-catching appearance sure to draw you in. Be sure to add her to your collection.

It measures approx. 20 cm in height and comes in a window box.

Arrival 1st Quarter of 2023

Only 2 left available for pre-ordering

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