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Freeing – Kekemotsu Original Bunny Hajime Aotsugi 40 Cm


Release on: 31/10/2024.

Kekemotsu’s Jacket Bunny as a large scale figure!

The Jacket Girl synonymous with Kekemotsu is now a figure based on a brand new illustration!
In addition to the sheer size of the figure, highlights include an eye-catching turquoise blue jacket and a bunny outfit that hugs her voluptuous physique snugly.
Her slightly tilted head and embarrassed expression, as well as her devoted and mild gaze are simply mesmerizing! The figure also features real net tights, providing a realistic texture!
Please welcome the alluring Hajime into your collection!

Expected release date: 📅 30 October 2024
The mentioned release date is an estimate. Due to global shipping issues it is possible that this product might arrive a little later.

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