Bellfine – Girls Frontline Ak-12 Smoothie Age Version


Release on: 31/12/2022.

Shaved ice after beach volleyball! … It hurts my head a little bit.

From the game Girls’ Frontline elite doll belonging to the rebel platoon AK-12 appeared in a swimsuit! Based on the illustrations in the game, I three-dimensionalized ?AK-12? to eat shaved ice on the beach. Two parts of the expression that the head is painful by cold and a smile that is dignified and cute are attached. Recombinant parts, please enjoy two facial expressions.
Please enjoy the beautiful swimsuit AK-12 that shines on the white sand beach, slender raw feet, a ponytail that snores with sea breeze, and a beautiful swimsuit that sticks to details such as guns and accessories, to every corner by all means at hand.

It stands approx. 22 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.

Expected release date: 📅 30 December 2022

The mentioned release date is an estimate. Due to global shipping issues it is possible that this product might arrive a little later.

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