• Nendo Addicts Conventions

    Upcoming Conventions

    Check out the Upcoming Conventions that Nendo Addicts will attend! We will make regular announcements on this page to confirm where we will be present!

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  • box size

    New Nendoroid format boxes!

    Hi Nendoroid collectors, some of you might have noticed this already, but nendoroid box sizes have changed! It started around nendoroid number 820 (Roy Mustang), but they still contain the same amount of parts as the old boxes. As you can see, the new boxes are about the same size as the Love Live nendoroid …

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  • Wonfes 2018 Figma list

    All the figmas announced on Wonfes 2018!

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  • Wonfes 2018 Scale list (Goodsmile Company)

    Here is the whole list of scale figures that were announced at Wonfes 2018!

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  • Wonfes 2018 Nendoroid list!

    All upcoming Nendoroids are listed here! Who is your favorite, who will you order? Please comment on our Facebook page!

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  • 10th figma

    Figma Survey

    Wonfes 2018 is going to start soon! GSC is currently having a survey for their 10th anniversary Figmas. Which Figma do you want to see? please vote here!¬†event.goodsmile.info/figma10thanniv/en/survey Tommorow we will post all the latest announcements right here! Hope you are ready for some Nendo goodness!    

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  • Nendoroid - 270 - Hakase

    Nendo Addicts site is live!

    Hi Nendoroid fans, We finally made our new website. It has been quite a process to make, but finally having a more professional way to communicate with all of you cheers me up. This way you can see what we will bring to our future events, and you can contact us anytime if you have …

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  • Tomofair Amsterdam

    Review: Tomofair Amsterdam 2018

    Our first Tomofair in Amsterdam was a huge success. Our booth attracted a lot of new Nendoroid fans that have never seen a Nendoroid in their life, but also a lot of old faces. I honestly didn’t expect this amount of people considering it was the beginning of the year. Tomofairs attracts a lot of …

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  • sukizou-head

    Nendofy yourself!

    Hi everyone Scizo here, My first attempt in recreating myself as a nendoroid and using it as a logo. What do you guys think? Have you ever tried making yourself as a nendoroid? If you did please show your pictures in the comments!

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